#Wavesplatform has delivered the prettiest coin-wallet in #crypto history and tomorrow it launches on #bitcoin exchanges
Over the many years in crypto, we have seen coins and coin-wallets come and go. The majority of wallets...
Make Room for Waves – ICO already raised 4800+ BTC – 47 Days left to buy in
The early bird catch the first worm, but Waves are making the entire Bitcoin community FOMO* in early. Normally...
We are witnessing a mass extinction of all kinds of businesses. $AMZN
I am an Amazon Prime member. But in retail, where profit margins have been under immense pressure, it doesn’t take much of a hit to sales for earnings to take a beating. My wife and I trust it and find it wonderfully convenient, as do tens of millions of... Read more
The British Pound a month after the Brexit
When Britain voted to exit the European Union on June 23, the British pound was battered instantly on the same day by over 11%. It traded at a low of $1.323 in early hours on June 24th, dropping overnight from its peak of $1.50 the previous day. The world’s... Read more
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