#Wavesplatform has delivered the prettiest coin-wallet in #crypto history and tomorrow it launches on #bitcoin exchanges
Over the many years in crypto, we have seen coins and coin-wallets come and go. The majority of wallets...
Make Room for Waves – ICO already raised 4800+ BTC – 47 Days left to buy in
The early bird catch the first worm, but Waves are making the entire Bitcoin community FOMO* in early. Normally...
2016 has so far been A very good year for #Bitcoin Hackers
Bitfinex.com, a Hong Kong based digital currency exchange has halted all trading after hackers made off with an enormous $65m or 119,576 bitcoins at existing prices. This is the latest security lag around cryptocurrency, in what is unraveling as a year of trial. The exchange reported the security breach... Read more
Are you going to #profit on the next BIG #SHORT?
The world economy has not improved itself over the years since the financial crisis hit the world in 2008 with full force. Last year we got a reminder of how fragile the markets really are when the S&P500 hit $2137 and crashed down to the $1800s in a matter of... Read more
#Wavesplatform Will Do For #Stocks As #Bitcoin Did For #Money
Now a days, Poloniex-Hipsters from all over the world know what Bitcoin is, and so does their friends, and their friends – everyone know someone who is into Bitcoin and Bitcoin is doing great for the Internet of Money. As far as I am concerned – Bitcoin is the only... Read more
While #EU is butthurt over being dumped by #GB – We make shiploads of #Bitcoin on the #Brexit
The European Union is mega-butthurt over being dumped by Great Britain, some voices in the failed union is now even calling for a boycott of the english language internally in EU which must be the dumbest idea ever published and only shows how deeply butthurt the dumb politicians in... Read more
We asked Sasha Ivanov Everything about #Wavesplatform – Check this out! #Bitcoin #Crowdfunding
Today we hosted an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Stakepool Teamspeak & Radio – This is the recording of the event where Sasha answers questions from our global community. What is Wavesplatform, The Internet of Companies, The Wavesplatform as The Worlds Stock Exchange, Local Fiat-Tether, How to get listed... Read more
The #DAO Attacker will #SUE Vitalik Buterin if #Ethereum Soft Fork him out of his legal claims.
The alleged “DAO Attacker” has written an open letter to the Ethereum and the DAO community in a pastebin published a few minutes ago, in the letter the “attacker” claim that he legally own the ETH he extracted out of the DAO (not so) Smart-Contract. ===== BEGIN SIGNED MESSAGE... Read more
#Waves is launching on #Bittrex & #Poloniex tomorrow – this is what you need to know! #Bitcoin #Wavesplatform
If you are planning to buy Waves when it hit the exchanges, be early and place your Bitcoin-bids before anyone else fill up your spot. This is by far one of the largest fintech & crypto-launch in the history of the industry so expect lots of people wanting to... Read more
#Wavesplatform has delivered the prettiest coin-wallet in #crypto history and tomorrow it launches on #bitcoin exchanges
Over the many years in crypto, we have seen coins and coin-wallets come and go. The majority of wallets are the good old QT-based Bitcoin-wallet cloned and re-designed into something scammy and unusable. That is why it is so wonderful to see actual innovation when it comes to what... Read more
#Wavesplatform is coming to the Internet – This is what you need to know! #Bitcoin #Kickstarter @Wavesplatform
In 1792 New York Stock Exchange was founded, then in 1971 the First Electronic Stock Exchange NASDAQ was born. In 2016 there is a new demand and WAVESPLATFORM has been established to fill that demand in a growing multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry. Wavesplatform is the de-centralized exchange-platform for the masses, borderless, governed by hardcore... Read more
Counting down the seconds to #Lisk launch @LiskHQ – This is what you need to know! #Bitcoin
Lisk will launch on May 24, 2016 at 8pm UTC. Traders & Developers are flocking to the info-channels in order to get the latest updates. The best place to stay updated on Lisk is right here on Stakepool Teamspeak, our 24/7 crypto-chat which has served our members since 2014. The... Read more
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