#Wavesplatform has delivered the prettiest coin-wallet in #crypto history and tomorrow it launches on #bitcoin exchanges
Over the many years in crypto, we have seen coins and coin-wallets come and go. The majority of wallets...
Make Room for Waves – ICO already raised 4800+ BTC – 47 Days left to buy in
The early bird catch the first worm, but Waves are making the entire Bitcoin community FOMO* in early. Normally...
Fyrstikken on #Bitcoin, #Wavesplatform and the future of #Blockchain @TipTV
Stakepool.com Boss, Kjetil Eilertsen guested The Blockchain Show on TipTV in London over Skype for a morning-talk with studio-host Zak Mir about the Wavesplatform, Bitcoin halving, the expiration-date for Fiat-currencies and the politicians who think they are above the people to either go along with the revolution of Fintech, or step... Read more
#Wavesplatform is launching @BittrexExchange – This is what you need to know!! #Bitcoin #Blockchain
Finally, after a few extra days of waiting the time is approaching to receive Waves on the safest and most robust crypto-exchange in the world, Bittrex. Deposits & Withdraw has been opened and is working. If you are planning to buy Waves when it hit Bittrex, be early and... Read more
This bull-trader predict #Bitcoin to go to $30,000 if history repeats itself
At Stakepool we hear a lot of price-prediction, but nobody has been as bullish as this trader who expect Bitcoin to go to $30,000 if history repeats itself.   Read more
Make Room for Waves – ICO already raised 4800+ BTC – 47 Days left to buy in
The early bird catch the first worm, but Waves are making the entire Bitcoin community FOMO* in early. Normally investors wait until the last few days before making the investment – not the case at all with Waves. Still 47 days left of ICO and investors are literally throwing... Read more
Watch a live Short-Squeeze & Learn how to trade them
Ever wonder what it looks like to see an actual short squeeze take place? Watch the price of this stock explode $2 per share in a matter of minutes. Trading a Short Squeeze Putting pressure on short sellers. All stock investors feel pressure when they are investing. Most investors... Read more
How to run your own #OpenBazaar Server on a #Raspberry Pi
Step by Step how-to-guide on how to run your own Open Bazaar Server on a Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi 3 on Open Bazaar Tutorial This is a multi-step to running Open Bazaar on a Raspberry Pi 3. This tutorial is easier if you have a secondary display to plug... Read more
Where is Bitcoin headed? – Interview with Jonas Schnelli, Bitcoin Core developer
AMA with Jonas Schnelli Bitcoin Core Developer is asked questions from the live-community of Bitcoin traders & businesses at Stakepool Teamspeak. Read more
No Lisk, No Leward – What is Lisk & why is it important?
Decentralized Applications Forget about Apps – Dapps is the new thing in 2016 – Dapps of All Kinds Decentralized applications – often simply called dapps – are set to disrupt the whole application market. They are based on blockchain technology resulting in an 100% runtime. At Lisk you can... Read more
Do you want to start trading stocks, gold, oil, forex, bitcoin? – Here is how to get started and how to succeed
Everyone knows there is a lot of money to be made as a trader, but fact is that most people lose their shirt in a game they have no clue how to play and give up. It is the rest of us who make money, and in this article... Read more
Everything you need to know about Crypto-Trading, Profits & Taxes in the USA (2hr interview)
Global Tax is the premier US accounting firm in the Bitcoin/blockchain industry, and they accept Bitcoin as well as Ether. Their clients include DigitalExpress.io (Bitcoin ATMs), high volume traders & the US operations of Bitmain (manufacturers of Antminers), as well as cryptocurrency miners and Ethereum app developers. Global Tax is owned... Read more
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