#Wavesplatform has delivered the prettiest coin-wallet in #crypto history and tomorrow it launches on #bitcoin exchanges
Over the many years in crypto, we have seen coins and coin-wallets come and go. The majority of wallets...
Make Room for Waves – ICO already raised 4800+ BTC – 47 Days left to buy in
The early bird catch the first worm, but Waves are making the entire Bitcoin community FOMO* in early. Normally...
Stakepool is going full crypto – So from today we will no longer accept PayPal in Stakepool Shop.
From today shopping with PayPal will no longer be possible on Stakepool.com. Since the start we have offered our customers payment using PayPal or Bitcoin – BUT – From today we will only accept Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies that plugin with WooCommerce, the shopping solution we use here on... Read more
Stakepool.com will publish new content 10 minutes earlier @steemit – Follow us! #steem #steemit
Using Steemit as our #1 Publishing platform for Stakepool magazine Stakepool will be publishing new articles on steemit.com/@stakepool 10 minutes before we publish on our own wordpress blog here at Stakepool.com so if you want to continue being first reader of our newest material, head over to steemit and... Read more
Stakepool Members made a shipload of #Bitcoin trading the #Brexit – This is what you need to know!
Yesterday was an absolutely amazing day for the average stakepool-user. The British Pound went all the way up to $1.50 which is where we placed shorts on this website. Shortly after it had hit our target-price, it started to dump, as expected – it dumped hard and within just... Read more
An official apology to the Lisk community!
When Lisk launched, one of our members had a lot of Lisk and euphorically rented a good server to host a Lisk-node which people voted for to become a delegate. The node was hosted by this member and connected and promoted on our domain lisk.stakepool.com which served for about a week... Read more
Stakepool Radio now ON AIR! – #Bitcoin #Fintech #Crypto Talk-Radio & #Music
Stakepool Radio makes it easy for everyone to listen in on what is going on in the ever moving crypto & legacy markets. Directly from our 24/7 Teamspeak you can now listen in from your mobile-device, iTunes, Windows Media Player or whatever software or app you prefer to use. To participate,... Read more
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