We just had the Best Customer Support Experience Ever! We just had the Best Customer Support Experience Ever!
There is a slogan: “If you have a complaint, tell us –  If you like what we do – tell everybody else” and that... We just had the Best Customer Support Experience Ever!

There is a slogan: “If you have a complaint, tell us –  If you like what we do – tell everybody else” and that is exactly what I am going to do in this article.

Over the years I have become used to low quality customer service, so when I contacted my domain and hosting provider today to help me with a problem, I expected to chat with someone who would just refer me to a knowledge-database of how-to-documents and let me do it myself.

So, I basically had two problems – the first problem was that my SSL-certificate, the stuff that makes a website able to use https:// instead of unencrypted http:// was not set up correctly, and I had been battling that problem for a while getting hungry and frustrated in the process.

The second problem was that I had used a subdomain.beforemydomain.com as the main page of my wordpress-site, and I needed to move it to themaindomain.com, and there is a way to do it, and I tried for hours to follow the recipe only to fail again and again, so naturally I felt frustrated not being able to help myself.

So my natural instinct as a guy, was to contact another guy if he knew how to solve the problem – but his wife was just coming out of the shower, so he had other plans right there and then and told me to wait.

So while I was waiting, I noticed there was a “chat with live person” on my hosting-provider, so I clicked it and this is what happened:

– You are now chatting with Ivan Dedov – SSL Support
– Ivan Dedov: Hello Mr. Customer! Thank you for contacting our Live Chat Support!
– Me: Hi Ivan, I ́m glad to meet you too.
– Me: as I wrote: The SSL certificate I bought for mymaindomain.com does not work, I have no idea what to do – I don ́t find it in cpanel and I currently pay for two SSL certificates – one for subdomain.mymaindomain.com which works, and one for mymaindomain.com which does not work at all.
– Me: What I truly want to do is to move my wordpress from subdomain.mymaindomain.com to just mymaindomain.com – and for me that is very hard to do it seems
– Me: I also think I need to upgrade to something larger, because I have grown in traffic over the months
– Ivan Dedov: Please provide me with your username and your support PIN
– Me: my_username / password
– Ivan Dedov: Thank you. Please give me a few minutes to check.
– Me: alright 🙂
– Ivan Dedov: I am still checking, thank you for your patience.
– Me: thats OK, I ́m just listening to Pink Floyd and try to calm down after all this stress trying and failing
– Ivan Dedov: I have reconfigured the SSL for mymaindomain.com and it is working correctly now.
– Me: yes now I see the https:// working there
– Me: hmm, but how do we move my wordpress from the subdomain to the main domain?
– Ivan Dedov: You can try using the option described here to do it: https://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress
– Me: Ok. I ́ll try following those steps
– Me: unless there maybe is a way to pay someone to do it for me?
– Ivan Dedov: Please give me a minute to transfer this conversation to our hosting department. They should be able to assist you on this.
– Me: awesome Ivan 🙂

– Ivan Dedov: Attempting to transfer the chat to “Irina Ka.”
– Irina Ka.: Hello, I will assist you further. Would you please allow me a few minutes to look through your previous conversation?
– Me: Hello Irina, I am so happy to hear that 🙂
– Irina Ka.: As I understand you wish to move the WordPress installation from subdomain.mymaindomain.com to mymaindomain.com, right?
– Me: yes
– Irina Ka.: Usually we do not provide such assistance. But I will try doing it for you as one time exception.

– Me: that is awesome Irina, you made me so happy now
– Me: I have been so frustrated with this problem

– Irina Ka.: I will do my best to move the installation, but unfortunately, I cannot guarantee success as such assistance is not common for our support.
– Me: I ́m sure it will be much easier for you then for me – I trust you Irina, I believe in you
– Irina Ka.: Thank you. It will help me a lot 🙂
– Irina Ka.: I am working on your request and will keep you updated.
– Me: I am grateful, I ́will be here and the sound is on 🙂
– Irina Ka.: As I see, WordPress installation already exists for mymaindomain.com domain. Can I remove it?
– Me: yes
– Irina Ka.: Thank you for confirmation.
– Me: your welcome, It was just an installation to try something so you can clear the main domain for anything that disrupts your work
– Irina Ka.: Thank you for waiting. can you please clear your browser cache or try accessing mymaindomain.com in another browser?
– Me: ok
– Me: wow – it looks beautiful, and all the links seem to be working also!! I told you I believed in you Irina, look at this – this is tech-art at its best!!

– Irina Ka.: Thank you so much for your kind words!
– Irina Ka.: I am really glad I could help you.

– Me: Do you have a bitcoin-address? I want to send you a tip for your extraordinary wonderful service!
– Me: you can get one at https://bittrex.com
– Irina Ka.: Oh, there is no need to do it as it was a real pleasure to help you. If you wish, you can submit your survey.
– Me: no, I really want to tip you, you can share with your coworkers if you like – and ofcourse I will submit a survey and give both of you full score – not only that, but I will write an article about this experience
– Irina Ka.: I do appreciate all your kind words. It is always a pleasure for me to help you. I do not want to offense you at all, but it is not necessary to tip me for this help.

– Me: alright Irina, if you insist 🙂
– Me: It was a pleasure to be your client today, I have never experienced this high quality customer support with any other company before, so I am euphoric about it. What you two did to me today is just fantastic, I am so thankful Irina, you have saved me so much time and frustration – you have no idea 🙂

And that was the end of the story – and if you wonder which company it was that gave me this extraordinary support today, it was Namecheap.com

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