#Wavesplatform Will Do For #Stocks As #Bitcoin Did For #Money #Wavesplatform Will Do For #Stocks As #Bitcoin Did For #Money
Now a days, Poloniex-Hipsters from all over the world know what Bitcoin is, and so does their friends, and their friends – everyone know... #Wavesplatform Will Do For #Stocks As #Bitcoin Did For #Money

Now a days, Poloniex-Hipsters from all over the world know what Bitcoin is, and so does their friends, and their friends – everyone know someone who is into Bitcoin and Bitcoin is doing great for the Internet of Money. As far as I am concerned – Bitcoin is the only true money that exist in the world today.

Now, The Stock-Market is about to face their biggest challenge in modern history. The 4th of July is coming up, which means that NYSE & NASDAQ will be closed for business as chubby yankees stuff themselves with corn-dogs and ice-cream while singing something about how free and brave they are since they did the BREXIT back in the days.

In the future however, Bank-Holidays will no longer exist, just as Bitcoin is exchanged 24/7 all year, every year – the stock-market will be traded in the same manner.

The only reason NYSE & NASDAQ has the majority of liquidity is simply because there is no competition, they share a duopoly in America, and every local stock exchange around the world bow down to them as they all know that the world market is not coming to for example Sweden, or Kazakstan or Romania – the capital is centralized in New York, but owned by people from all over the world, the yankees just scalp the middle as they have been doing since the exchange was founded.

Right now – nobody knows what Wavesplatform is about to do – well, except you and me and a couple thousand other very geeky people who caught this one early, bought the dip and will keep buying until the Wavesplatform is up and running with real company-projects getting funded and their stocks trading against whatever currency they want – and then – the big brother media who is trading on NYSE & NASDAQ will start laughing and crack jokes about Wavesplatform – just like they did with Bitcoin, Tesla, Apple and pretty much everything else that disrupted the status quo and activated braincells in human skulls that the doctors thought were brain-damage from too much tv-watching.

I can almost hear Jim Cramers big mouth laughing his ass off when he is asked about the Wavesplatform live on CNBC, undoubtedly he will think that decentralized exchange, crowdfunding and the elimination of the brokers is a bad idea.

Then, after they have had their laughs, they will focus on other issues, stocks, price-prediction and whatever they normally do over there in the centralized mass-media paid by special interest to tell people to buy the British pound at the top, and short it at the bottom – for a while they will ignore Wavesplatform, but that is normal – they ignored Bitcoin too.

and then, something wonderful start to happen – a lot of neglected business-owners will give Wavesplatform a try, and they will love it – and tell their friends to list their companies with wavesplatform as well – because it is so easy, so user-friendly and slick – how come nobody thought about about this before?

Then, the mass-media will again have to say their opinion about why the Wavesplatform is becoming so successful, and undoubtedly the squeak-box over at CNBC will say stuff like it is unsustainable, that it will not last long until the government shuts it down – which is impossible. They said stuff like this about Bitcoin as well, and also the Internet when that was being rolled out, big mouths on television predicted its death already in its infancy.

As time goes on – some of these startups listed on the wavesplatform will become very profitable, others will not – but everybody gets to try, many people will laugh, some people will cry – but as the political and financial institutions from the old technology era cripple down due to aging technology, corruption and elitism – a new era of trustless system, global thinking and instant money-transactions over thousands of nodes will simply take over where the old world came to short.

Jim Cramer, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and all their friends have reached an age now where we all know that at any moment the headline can hit us in the face that one of them has died in his bed surrounded by family – the whole world of finance is wondering what will happen when Buffett dies, one of the most important go-to-person in the world economy, a person people turn to when they can trust nobody.

We, the geeks of the Internet – know how this will play itself out, why else would we send 30,000 Bitcoins to Sasha Ivanov to lead the A-Team of developers currently being headhunted to build the largest disruption in the world of stocks?

Wavesplatform is the Stock-Market of the World – sooner or later everybody else will know that, when the company they work for is traded there.

Children will be born today, and when they are 20, looking for a job in a company – that company will be listed and traded on the wavesplatform – and the young man wont know how the world used to work before the Wavesplatform came into existence, and is willing to work for 50,000 Satoshis per year to write articles for a global magazine like Stakepool.com or as a mechanic in a garage fixing old Teslas.

So keep your chin up Geeks, you backed the right projects.

As Steve Jobs would have said it: When you see people sell Wavesplatform or Bitcoin Short – Buy!


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