Are you going to #profit on the next BIG #SHORT? Are you going to #profit on the next BIG #SHORT?
The world economy has not improved itself over the years since the financial crisis hit the world in 2008 with full force. Last year... Are you going to #profit on the next BIG #SHORT?

The world economy has not improved itself over the years since the financial crisis hit the world in 2008 with full force. Last year we got a reminder of how fragile the markets really are when the S&P500 hit $2137 and crashed down to the $1800s in a matter of hours. Stakepool-members made an incredible amount of money shorting it from the top, and we are seeing things now that make us confident it will happen again, it will happen soon – and it will be so brutal that there is really only one way to play it.

The fundamentals are weaker then ever with all industries shaken to the barebones of its existence and the question remains:

Are you going to profit on the next BIG SHORT?

Making money is all we do on Stakepool, and we are extremely good at it and we want to invite you in to be good at it too, because we see great opportunities on the horizon, and we are going to profit from them when they happen and time it perfectly like we did when we shorted the GBPUSD from $1.50 before it made headlines worldwide as it cracked in a matter of minutes and bottomed out in a matter of hours.

First things first – you need an understanding of what is going to be worth something when everything collapses, and what is going to be worthless when everything collapses, so this is what you need to do to make sure you make the most out of a bad situation:

#1: Bitcoin is the most liquid worldly accepted and tradable non-political currency that exist, so your holding should be in Bitcoin for the long therm, because when political money (fiat) expires, as they all do – and specially during a big crisis – Bitcoin will go the opposite direction, so forget about how many dollars, euro or yen you can make, they wont be worth anything when the European Union collapses (as it will), when the United States of America deficit on their loans (which they will) or when the population of the Japanese people is cut in half during the next 15 years due to under-population. These are only three examples, I could write you a whole list of big fundamentals, but these three are large enough to make you understand that the world of money, politics and corporations right now is at a pivot point in history, and you can either win on this or lose on this. If you don´t have Bitcoin, you can buy some Bitcoin easy here

#2: Get your Bitcoins to this broker so that you can position yourself in the indices, commodities and forex-pairs that will go down the most in the next elliott-wave, if you don´t know what an elliott-wave is, you came to the right place just in time, you can read all about elliott-waves here!

#3: Make sure you have access to the best charts with live price-action, you will need it to determine what is too high priced and what is too low priced, I think everyone will agree with me that Tradingview offers the best package on the market, and the best part – it is free, so get over there and start using them, they are awesome!

#4: Communication with other traders is very important, and by other traders I am talking about you connecting your Teamspeak 3 client to our server here at Stakepool so that you can talk with traders who know, instead of the hordes of people frequenting the big ugly forums and chat-boxes around the Internet, filled with noobs who have no clue what they are doing other then over-trading and losing money. Don´t hang around people who lose money, it is bad influence on you – stick with the winners, it is more profitable.



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