We look into #Asset-Tokens & Successful #Crypto Fund-managers We look into #Asset-Tokens & Successful #Crypto Fund-managers
Asset tokens has left the childrens playground and become a useful tool for account and fund-managers. In this article we are interviewing the latter in order... We look into #Asset-Tokens & Successful #Crypto Fund-managers

Asset tokens has left the childrens playground and become a useful tool for account and fund-managers. In this article we are interviewing the latter in order to find out what is under the hood of these networks, how they work and the people who use them.

Crypto-Assets was for a long time the laugh around town – funny named tokens that could be instantly created on the back of a blockchain. Projects like Bitshares, Counterparty, NXT, Horizon, Coinprism, Coinspark, Ethereum and Lisk all offers it, few people know what it really is and how it can be used to replace company-stocks held in paper or an aging database.


Meet Micah Wallace –  Successful trader & Manager of the Adsactly Autonomous Crypto fund who use the Horizon platform for shares & dividend

Adsactly PortfolioHow did you get started with this?

About six months ago I started trading for my community, a small trading-club with 30 members. It expanded quickly and got $15,000 invested that is now worth $55,000

When did you yourself start with Crypto, and how was your learning-curve?

I learned about Bitcoin about four years ago, I heard about bitcoin-mining and had to figure out how to do it, and I actually managed to mine some bitcoins before the whole world started mining them. I then went to trade, I lost some, gambled on the wrong things and learned the hard way to become much more accurate, waiting for better entries and getting out at a real exit instead of the big losses and small gains.

I think everyone goes through the same process, you have to be willing to take many punches along the way.

Micah Wallace - Fund Manager

Micah Wallace – Fund Manager

Your Crypto-Fund is divided by shares, how many shares are there and how can new investors invest in your fund?

There are 100 million shares which represents the entire fund. These are issued on the Horizon-asset platform. Most of the shares are spoken for, but interested investors can contact me directly on adsactly@gmail.com and I will be able to service them.

I should also add that I am going to list the Adsactly Fund-Shares on Yobit so that investors more easily can exchange them as we are a long therm investment fund that pay dividends to our shareholders.

How is Dividends paid out?

Horizon provides a one-click-solution, and when I click it – Dividend is paid out to all shareholders across the network. 

How much Dividends do you pay out, and when is it paid out?

Every month we pay out 1% of the portfolio-value to our investors. We don´t want to pay out too much in order to make the fund grow steady and yield for the longest time.

At Adsactly we believe in long therms, and by long we are looking at the next 30 years to be very interesting in this industry, and I think our investors will like to benefit from what we do in the longest timeframe so when they retire, they will retire as wealthy men and women.

Bitcoin Changed the World

Meet Fyrstikken – you know him as the Shitcoin-singer, but Fyrstikken has been trading, or babysitting bitcoins for many years with great results.

The Gathering 2009, Hamar, Norway

The Gathering 2009, Hamar, Norway

How did you get started with Bitcoin?

I bought my first Bitcoins from a friend that went to The Gathering in 2009. Back then it was very new and not at all like today. Exchanging was difficult, the only working wallet was afaik the BitcoinD, or Bitcoin Core. I had them transferred to a green paper-wallet for backup and knew that this system might just be the very money-transfer-protocol that the Internet had been waiting for since it infancy. My friend had offered to buy them back from me when he got his salary after The Gathering was over, but he never held his end of the bargain and I was forced to hold them. Needless to say we are no longer on speaking-therms as Bitcoin went up so high in value that there was no way he could ever buy them back. I sold most of my coins on the big hype in 2012 and with the little Bitcoins that remained I went into the Altcoin-channels on Freenode IRC and the communities on Github to learn everything I could about them.

When did you start trading for others?

Fyrstikken has been in Bitcoin since 2009

Fyrstikken has been in Bitcoin since 2009

I started trading a pool of Bitcoins at the end of 2012, a small group of friends and family-members that had bought Bitcoins back when they where cheap. In 2014 I started accepting friends of friends, probably the worst time in history to expand as that was the year when everything went down the drain for a while and our common portfolio dropped down to almost -90%. in USD-value, a horrible year to say the least. But knock on wood – we ended the year in profit, hard earned and much learned.

You made almost 1,000% ROI for your investors in 2015, how is your view on the future?

We make money every day – last year was absolutely awesome, no doubt about it – but as for the future I am thinking much bigger. Our portfolio is growing every month, we are up almost +50% so far this year, investors are very happy and competitors have gone silent.

How do new investors get in touch with you to invest?

I run a very private fund, and I turn down a lot of investors every month. However, I do let someone in if they meet the right criteria and the best way to get in touch with me is by filling out the form on my website and I will get in touch with them. I never disclose amounts and positions to outsiders and we really do not need more investors as we have plenty of assets and bitcoins to last ten lifetimes. Since 2012 we are up +1575 %. in Bitcoin-gains.

When do you pay dividend and how does it work?

I pay dividend once per year, the point is to grow more bitcoins and to do the best job a long timeframe is needed and required. The entire fund is locked for withdraw until I pay dividend at the 23rd of December, the day before Christmas. My fund start from scratch every year. However, most investors want to stay in the portfolio, so I roll them over into the next portfolio as they wish.

Do you use any coin-assets or colored coins for shares & dividends?

No. I am currently considering many options. I like Horizon, Coinprism and SparkBit – but I have not yet concluded which network I want to use for the next years. I know all my investors personally, and I keep a file of their investments and process these things manually, but as we have grown a lot over the last two years it might be time to take the next step further and issue a token to automate the dividend process and make the crypto-fund shares tradable. Time will tell.

What is a Crypto-Fund?

A crypto-fund is an alternative investment vehicle available to sophisticated investors

Like mutual funds and hedge-funds, crypto-funds are pools of underlying crypto-currencies & assets. Also like mutual and hedge-funds, crypto-funds can invest in many types of securities.

Many Crypto-Funds are listed at cyber.fund

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