This is why #Radioshack $RSH is failing! This is why #Radioshack $RSH is failing!
Today I went to Radioshack to purchase a Jack Extender, for those of you who do not know what a Jack extender is, it... This is why #Radioshack $RSH is failing!

Jack ExtenderToday I went to Radioshack to purchase a Jack Extender, for those of you who do not know what a Jack extender is, it looks like this and is extremely useful to… extend a jack cable. So anyway – I went to Radioshack, because Radioshack is supposed to have trivial things like this, but I discovered that they have turned into a different kind of store – a store that has a lot of the same things and no variations. In fact, they had no Jack Extender Cable or even a Jack Extender plug – however they had Jack-Cables, and a lot of them – different colors, but all in the same length of 1.5 meters.

The reason I needed a Jack Extender plug or cable is simply because I need to extend a jack signal, so to discover that Radioshack don´t have such a trivial thing was mindblowing to say the least.

I mean – seriously Radioshack $RSH – are you trying to go bankrupt or what?

I do not understand why a store would chose to do such a thing – filling up the shelves with the same things, look at this next picture how the entire shelf is just a bunch of jack-cables in different colours from the same brand, and some other ones from a different brand. Did it ever occur to Radioshack that the customers might require more then a 1.5 meter cable?

Jack CableI had to take a picture of the madness, before I short the stock on Monday – Look at this shelf – all Jack-Cables, and no customers

If I owned Radioshack, I would make sure to fix the inventory in every store so that they are able to satisfy their customers, but in this case they fail and they fail miserably.

I asked the clerk if he could contact Radioshack central or HQ to order Jack-Extenders – guess what he told me? – He said NO!! Can you believe it? He told me that it was impossible for him to contact Radioshack and order what the customers wants, because Radioshack is just selling what they are selling, which is great if you are in the market for 1,5 meter jack-cable, but in my case I need 5 meters and for that, I need an extender – very logical, right?

So what is it that they do have?

Let me show you the picture I took from the store, and this is why I think #Radioshack $RSH is about to go down like titanic – as an investor & trader I will find a spike and short the living hell out of it every time I can, this is war.

Look at this – Welcome to Radioshack – better go there before they close for good like Blockbusters:

14 Jack Cables and no Jack Extender

14 Similar products – different colours – same length. This is such a fail, such a fail – What are they doing at Radioshack? Are they purposely trying to destroy their own brand, if so – they are succeeding.


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