Do you want to start trading stocks, gold, oil, forex, bitcoin? – Here is how to get started and how to succeed Do you want to start trading stocks, gold, oil, forex, bitcoin? – Here is how to get started and how to succeed
Everyone knows there is a lot of money to be made as a trader, but fact is that most people lose their shirt in... Do you want to start trading stocks, gold, oil, forex, bitcoin? – Here is how to get started and how to succeed

Everyone knows there is a lot of money to be made as a trader, but fact is that most people lose their shirt in a game they have no clue how to play and give up. It is the rest of us who make money, and in this article we are going to look at the basic, down to earth – simple – how to make money as a trader facts that nobody can ever dispute.

If you can follow these strong principals – you will make money as a trader.

Learn how to trade before you put any real money into it is a fair start – no risk & no reward, but you get to play in the sandbox and it is free learning, in fact – there is a 20 Bitcoin Prize for you if you win the paper-trading competition on this website: click here to enter

Buy low – Sell High… but what is low and what is high – and when?

The time between buying and selling can often vary between a few minutes or a few weeks or years depending on your entry and exit strategy, what are you going to do in the meantime? – This is where people lose their minds, in the time-trap of no action, sideways & boring. And there is nothing you can do about it – only the patient trader win in the long run, because those who want to be rich quick never make it through this step and will close his position at a loss or with minimum profits. When the price moves and he realizes that he has missed his big chance, he either tries to buy back in at a higher price or he becomes an Internet-troll that will speak ill about his missed opportunity, which is next lesson do not listen to butthurt losers, they are many because losers are many – if you want to make it as a trader, you need to be among the clever few.

When you invest – invest… After you have toddled around with paper-trading, it is time to put real money into the game and you should start with buying Bitcoin, because Bitcoin enables you to trade a lot more then your local currency will let you, and you can move them around the Internet as you need them instead of waiting for bank-transactions to come through or pay those ridiculous high fees.

Now that you have Bitcoin, there are multiple places you can sign up and trade on, let us explain what they are and how they work – why we use them and why you should use them to make money.

The King of CFD´s – 1Broker – Been online since 2012 and has thousands of satisfied clients

Do you think Facebook is going to go up? Go Long, you think Volkswagon is going down? Short it – it is as simple as it can become, the fees are low, the markets are major bluechips & global indexes… IE Microsoft, IBM & Coca Cola-stocks and S&P Nasdaq and Euro50 indices, the stuff that scroll over the TV-screen during trading-hours on CNBC is what we trade on 1broker.

Sign up for a 1broker account here

Alright, now that you have signed up for an account, remember to set 2FA on it and make your first Bitcoin-deposit.

While you are waiting for Bitcoin to clear, you need to get yourself some good charting – because you want to know what low and high is, and a good chart will tell you that when you look at the 1day charts or 1week charts you can look back and expect somewhat a repetition of the past. One of the best places on the Internet for charts is over at tradingview, there is a lot of good people over there that can tell you a whole lot about every single indicator, MACD turning red or green and detailed stuff, I leave you and them to talk about charts, some people like a lot of indicators, others like few indicators – expert traders really only need the graph on a time-frame with volumes, but it is very individual

Start using charts from Tradingview, click here

Alright, you are now set up with a 1broker-account where you can execute actual trades and you are now watching charts on Tradingview – now is the time to hunt for the best play, go through the list of stocks, forex, index, commodities & crypto on 1broker, and find the matching charts. Your job now is to look for something that is over-sold or over-bought, IE something that has made a major move, in which you should do the opposite of what has already happened. Say for example that Apple falls 7 % in a single trading-day, now that is a lot – and the market has most likely over-reacted to some news that upset a group of shareholders, so they dumped that day – Now is probably the good time to buy. Another example – say Coca Cola launched a new product, and the shareholders became so happy that they bought more coca-cola shares and the price goes up 8 % – A good time to Short I would assume, and let the price go down 3-4 % and close the short-position in profit.

Every time you are right – you make more Bitcoin, but be careful with leverage, too much can margin-call you quickly if you are wrong, there is no shame in going 1X or 2X from time to time. High leverage for new people – even experienced traders is a losers game that you do not need to participate in every trade you make, keep looking for good, better, best opportunities – draw lines on the chart at tradingview and check all the facts.

Now that you have checked out a few charts to see if they are any good plays to make, it is time to connect with other traders on Teamspeak. Teamspeak is the most effective way to communicate with other people who trade the markets, and here on stakepool we have an excellent ddos-protected teamspeak-server with many rooms to talk about trading in. To connect to teamspeak click here and follow instructions

Now that you have a place to trade, a place to watch good charts, and a community to talk with, you are taking the first steps towards a great future, so good luck and stay strong – the odds are against you if you do not do it right.

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